A 24 Hour Ride

It was a challenge to be awake and on a bike for so many hours. I met some very nice people. The event was well organized and the volunteers manning the checkpoints were upbeat and encouraging. The roads traveled were scenic and very low traffic.  The climbing was difficult but manageable.  The heat and humidity did not become oppressive until later in the day.  The 7 mile “night loop”, with police at every corner waving you through the intersections, was almost comforting to ride once it got dark.

 but….I am on the fence about this ride. I still haven’t decided if I liked it.

Despite the positives, there were negatives.  There wasn’t much more than water at the checkpoints.  The checkpoints were far apart and those scenic roads had very little in the way of supply points if you needed food or really anything. To be fair, many riders had a crew supplying them along the route and this was actually a strong suggestion of the event organizers.  Unfortunately, my “crew” had plenty of other things to do on a perfectly good Saturday.  I can’t blame them for that.

The worst of it is that  saddle sores have made me rethink my entire life. Holy sh*t they hurt. 

I think I will just stick to my local routes and the odd century or two…once I can climb on my bike without cursing.

Stats for the ride:

Miles ridden 206

Vertical climbing 5397 ft.

Average speed 14.9mph

Calories burned 7,771

On bike time 13:48

Elapsed time 17:40