It’s going to be May momentarily.  Spring has still been quite elusive but I finally believe we have turned the corner.  The furnace still continues to run but not nearly as often nor for as long.  Construction has begun on our new home. Yard work and prepping our existing home for sale consumes much free time.  College visits and getting ready for our second child’s graduation figure in as well. Work is, as always, very busy. 

Throughout all of the craziness, cycling continues to be my refuge.  Think back to when you were a child and you first learned how to ride a bicycle.  Think about the sense of freedom you felt when those two wheels expanded your world far beyond what you were capable of before.  It really was not unlike the sense of flying, elevated above the ground with the wind in your face, traveling far faster than just your legs could carry you.  Remember?  I get to experience that on a regular basis.  It is my stress relief, my way to think, a way to socialize with a friend.  It helps me stay healthy. It challenges me.

…and speaking of challenges, take a look at the countdown in the sidebar. My assault on Mt. Mitchell is about two weeks away.  I think I am ready.   I am about 300 miles off the mileage pace I would like to be on but I have made it to the 2000 mile mark.  I have had lots of good “training” rides.  My legs feel strong. My fitness is the highest it has been since last October and is still increasing.  Bring on May!